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Adventures Philosophy

Children are our future.  As children learn and grow, we too, must learn and grow with them so that we provide all of our children with the opportunity to secure a firm foundation that will be with them for the rest of their lives.  As Early Childhood Professionals, we know that the early years, the most rapid period of brain growth and development, build the foundations for a child’s entire life.  We often hear how adults want to provide positive learning experiences to children so that those children are ready for school.  Early learning is much more than getting ready for school. It is preparing children for life.  In order for children to feel free to grow and learn we have to provide them the opportunities to explore, ask questions, and be creative.

Children learn best through play (interacting with their environment).  We must provide the environment to optimize each child’s learning potential.   Opportunities for learning should not be based upon memorization of meaningless, to them, adult concepts, but on developing skills for positive lifetime learning.  We need to go beyond basic concepts like memorizing ABCs and 123s which in many cases have no meaning to children and provide materials, opportunities, and encouragement for children to think for themselves, to grasp the meanings and concepts of what we have intentionally placed in their environment.  We need to set the foundations for success, not just a head start in the first couple years of school. We provide the foundations for continued learning all through their school years and into life.


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